Best Sexual Health Blogs of 2019

Best Sexual Health Blogs of 2019

Health is the foremost priority given in everyone’s life. No matter what we earn, to keep ourselves healthy and free from diseases we do spend on our health. Not only the exterior body is preferred and taken care of but interior health is also taken into matter. To be confident and bold enough to face the difficulties from the world one should feel happy and stress-free from inside. Beauty is define by interiority. Once this criterion is fulfille then no one can stop you to chase your dreams and achieve. One such is sexual health which means a lot to people to remain fresh and healthy from within. Being healthy from outside is not a sign of beauty. You should maintain yourself from within. This part of health actually keeps you living normally and to handle situations confidently and allows you to remain stress-free at crucial hours.  

From the recent researches and investigation some of the top-ranking blogs for Sexual Health has been shortlisted below:

Sexual Health Matters:

SHM is a non-profitable organisation comprising of few physicians, physician assistants, doctors, researchers, and nurses. This team explains everything about the pain felt during intercourse as to why sex is actually good and makes you feel better.

Sex with Emily:

Dr. Emily Morse is an expert at the sexual relationship and a doctor of human sexuality. Emily is the creator of this blog Sex with Emily and also the host for her podcast with the same name. Starting from sexual health to enjoying sex in every way and talking of dildos and vibrators, all are cover by her blog. Also, this blog is completely made for the readers to get aware and stay happy with sexual life and relationships.


GLSEN is founded in 1990 by a minute group of teachers in Massachusetts to make a change in the education system where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students don’t get bullied or ragged or discriminate. After 25 years of hard struggles, this small group of highly dedicated teachers turned to a leading national organisation. This organisation now mainly promotes sexual health and policies for LGBTQ communities.


Scarlateen is a blog that started in 1998. This blog shares information regarding sex, sexual health, sexual relationships, and teen-related stuff to attract teen audiences to their blog. A whole lot of important details have been share in their blog. However, if a query or a question is inquire replies are delivere almost instantly. Every relevant topic and information is being share on the blog. We can also share our own part of the story in this diversified blog.


This is specifically a site for black health and wellness, and where stories of different persons is submit. It is a regularly update hotspot.


The International Planned Parenthood Federation is a blog where sexual health rights and policies for all are collecte and presented. This blog is a purely legal site that includes legislation, advocacy and all sorts of legal help and advice that is requires by all.

My Sex Professor:

It’s a photographic, text or a video illustration where the content is all about sex and sexual health and also sexual relationships for both women and men. This will help and make them learn about sexual issues and health and how to take pleasure and enjoy beautiful sex life.

This is a hub create for preventing unwante pregnancies, promotion of sexual and reproductive health. A Colorado and Michigan Effort is use for reducing unintended pregnancies. Also, this hub made ease to normalise in these issues for starting a conversation.

Sex Love Liberation:

Ev’Yan Whitney made this site to foreplay her journey about her own sexual state of being of awakening and self -healing. This was create for women where they can share their sexualities and realise their erotic and ecstatic fantasies without any judgements or disruptions.

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