Does sex organ enlargement really work?

Does sex organ enlargement really work?

Penis size has constantly been a matter of consideration and it has anxiety among the males. This ultimately led to the foundation of a multi-million industry for penis enlargement products and other boosters for men.

This article is going to be all about the common ways of penis enlargement and its side effects.

Is it really possible to increase penis size? 

Most males out there who look for penis enlargement methods have a fairly normal penis size which means they don’t face any problem while having sex or urination. And we all know that this myth of ‘having a large penis means better sex’ is a result of lack of information.

Companies claim that products like pills, creams and vacuum devices do increase penis size and some people even opt for surgery. But do these methods really work?

Urology Care Foundation claims that almost all of these methods are useless and don’t work. 

Traction and vacuum devices 

These devices are meant to increase the penis size by simply the method of stretching the tissues of the penis which is done by placing a little weight on the penis or by putting a small extension frame on the penis. The user has to wear the device for an average of 4-6 hours a day and some results claim the increase of 1-3 cm in the length.

But the fact that whether these devices really work or not, the safety and effectiveness of all of these are still questionable and there are researches going on about the same. 

What vacuum devices do is different, these type of devices contains a tube that covers the penis and pumps out air that creates a vacuum and it leads to the swelling of the penis.

Vacuum devices are generally used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction and the is no scientific evidence of this method helping in penis enlargement. 

Pills and lotions

There are millions of medical products like pills and lotions that claim to increase penis size but again the is no scientific evidence of these medicines having an effect. 

Penis surgery

There are two major types of surgery for penis enlargement 

The first method is penis augmentation which is basically the ejection if fat cells into the penis with the aim of increasing the girth, width, and length of the penis but there are a lot of side effects to this and in some cases, the side effects are so severe that the penis needs to be removed. There is no guarantee that this method would provide you the desired results. 

There is another version of penis augmentation in which fat cells from elsewhere in the body are grafted in the penis. This process is slow and takes around 12 months to show its effects. But the problem with this process is that the patient loses 20-80 percent of the length in the first year of the surgery. 

As you got to know that most of the common methods out there are not effective so, if you worry about your size it’s better to consult a doctor first to get the proper information about penis size before going into the whole process.

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