Advertisements for enlargement items and methods are all over. Plenty of medicines, pills, activities and medical procedures guarantee to build the length and width of the male sexual organ. Be that as it may, there’s little help for nonsurgical strategies to enlarge the penis.

There’s no confirmation that over-the-counter sexual upgrade supplements for men work, and some are conceivably risky another examination reports. 

Numerous men looking for therapeutic help for sexual medical problems report utilizing dietary supplements. In any case, with the minimal guidelines of measurement or dosages. the impacts of these items on health are obscure and risky.

Furthermore, a large number of these items contain hints of an ingredient utilized in medications like Viagra. So, that can be risky for men with certain medical issues.

Normal Or Not?

The dread that your male sexual organ looks excessively little or is too small to even think about satisfying your accomplice during sex is normal. However, as per studies, in any case, most men who think their penises are too small actually have normally sized penises. 

The length of a non-erect penis doesn’t reliably foresee length when the penis is erect. In the event that your penis is around 13 cm or 5 inches or longer when erect, it’s of ordinary size. Your male sex organ is considered strangely small just in case it quantifies about 7.5 centimeters or under 3 inches when erect, a condition called micro-penis.

What’s Important

Remember that understanding your partner’s needs and wants is bound to improve your sexual relationship. And, then changing the size of your male machine. 

Companies that offer numerous kinds of nonsurgical penis-enlargement medicine, and frequently promote them with genuine-looking ads that incorporate supports from “scientific” analysts. But, looking carefully — you’ll see that claims of health safety and adequacy haven’t been demonstrated. 

Methods & Techniques

Keeping aside the safety norms and regulations. And, there are certain techniques which are commonly used and here is a rundown of the same:

Pills: These typically contain nutrients, minerals, herbs or hormones that producers guarantee enlarge the penis. However, none of these items has been proving to work and some might be hurtful. 

Vacuum Pumps: Since pumps bring blood into the penis, making it swell, they’re using to treat erectile brokenness. 

Activities: In some cases called jelqing, these activities utilize a hand-over-hand movement to push blood from the base to the head of the penis. In spite of the fact that this strategy seems more secure than others. And, there’s no logical verification it works, and it can prompt scar formation and deformation. 

Numerous men accept that expanding the size of their penis will make them a superior sweetheart or make them increasingly alluring. Be that as it may, odds are your penis is inside the ordinary size range. 

Regardless of whether your penis is smaller than normal or just normal. And, it may not make any difference to your partner. Likewise, there’s no proven method to make a penis bigger. The answer to your worries about penis size might be as simple as chatting with your partner.



While quick ones are extraordinary and all, occasionally you need something that endures somewhat more. Be that as it may, what’s more, drawn out? First off, it’s imperative to get a solid feeling of desire regarding the length of a normal sex session. As per reports, around 45 percent of men discharge inside two minutes.

Things being what they are, how would you last longer in bed? It’s an inquiry that men regularly pose to themselves. In any case, it’s an issue that worries ladies too. For some, in any case, sex finishes unreasonably soon.

In this article, we survey the top procedures and methodologies that you can use to ensure that you last longer in bed:

Consider Your Partner’s Wish

In the event that things are getting too hot and overwhelming for the male counterpart, it is suggeste making a stride back and concentrating on the other accomplice’s pleasure. When you stop what you’re doing once you’re the overly near climax, at that point chill for some time, then at that point start once more, excitement will in general skyrocket.

Avoid Over-Thinking

Just in case, that you go into sex thinking, that you won’t keep going long, you won’t. Sliding in with any kind of tension about your sexual capacities will make you cum a lot quicker than you need to. Furthermore, in the event that you think of it as biologically, it bodes well. The instability takes you on edge. Your body can tell that you’re restless. The nervousness recommends this is certainly not an exceptionally protect condition for your sexual and mental health.


There are just two things you have to do routinely to control untimely discharge: kegel activities and masturbation practice. The most ideal approach to improve your ejaculatory control is to strengthen the muscles that control discharge. You do that through kegel activities, and also reverse Kegels, which train your pelvic floor muscles to enable you to control when you discharge.

Going Slow

As you advance toward engaging in sexual relations, take things gradually. This can enable you to last longer by controlling your excitement levels. It is important to know that in case you surge, you’re bound to disengage from your substantial procedures, which can make a climax happen rashly or prematurely.

Besides, when you’ve worked up and overstimulated, it’s extremely simple to wind up on edge. Nervousness further separates you based on what’s going on in your body and may put you at more serious danger of creating untimely discharge.

Go The Medical Way

Well, there are pills that can make you last longer in bed. Prescription medicines such as antidepressants and pain killers are utilized as an untimely discharge treatment, yet just for men who are hazardously troubled about their untimely discharge.

However, it is important to know that, these pills can sometimes result in unwanted side-effects that may lead to reduced sexual desire, a feeling of drowsiness and nausea. 

But, in case, you are willing to try some, here are our recommendations – PotensoMax, BigShot, Spanische Fliege Oil, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Omni Gold Power with Kesar & Gold, Viagra, Manforce 100mg

Does sex organ enlargement really work?

Does sex organ enlargement really work?

Penis size has constantly been a matter of consideration and it has anxiety among the males. This ultimately led to the foundation of a multi-million industry for penis enlargement products and other boosters for men.

This article is going to be all about the common ways of penis enlargement and its side effects.

Is it really possible to increase penis size? 

Most males out there who look for penis enlargement methods have a fairly normal penis size which means they don’t face any problem while having sex or urination. And we all know that this myth of ‘having a large penis means better sex’ is a result of lack of information.

Companies claim that products like pills, creams and vacuum devices do increase penis size and some people even opt for surgery. But do these methods really work?

Urology Care Foundation claims that almost all of these methods are useless and don’t work. 

Traction and vacuum devices 

These devices are meant to increase the penis size by simply the method of stretching the tissues of the penis which is done by placing a little weight on the penis or by putting a small extension frame on the penis. The user has to wear the device for an average of 4-6 hours a day and some results claim the increase of 1-3 cm in the length.

But the fact that whether these devices really work or not, the safety and effectiveness of all of these are still questionable and there are researches going on about the same. 

What vacuum devices do is different, these type of devices contains a tube that covers the penis and pumps out air that creates a vacuum and it leads to the swelling of the penis.

Vacuum devices are generally used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction and the is no scientific evidence of this method helping in penis enlargement. 

Pills and lotions

There are millions of medical products like pills and lotions that claim to increase penis size but again the is no scientific evidence of these medicines having an effect. 

Penis surgery

There are two major types of surgery for penis enlargement 

The first method is penis augmentation which is basically the ejection if fat cells into the penis with the aim of increasing the girth, width, and length of the penis but there are a lot of side effects to this and in some cases, the side effects are so severe that the penis needs to be removed. There is no guarantee that this method would provide you the desired results. 

There is another version of penis augmentation in which fat cells from elsewhere in the body are grafted in the penis. This process is slow and takes around 12 months to show its effects. But the problem with this process is that the patient loses 20-80 percent of the length in the first year of the surgery. 

As you got to know that most of the common methods out there are not effective so, if you worry about your size it’s better to consult a doctor first to get the proper information about penis size before going into the whole process.



Low sex drive and declining testosterone levels are expanding issues for some men, yet both can be lightened by taking certain supplements. Dietary supplements are key for giving nourishments that may some way or another not be devoured in sufficiently high amounts through eating habits. With our inexorably bustling ways of life, it very well may be hard to get all the correct day by day amounts of nutrients, minerals and different enhancements we need.

Testosterone levels can begin to decrease gradually after around age 40. Men can begin to see manifestations, for example, exhaustion, low sex drive, weight gain, trouble picking up or keeping up muscle mass, depression, poor rest, and absence of drive and inspiration. This is now and again known as the andropause or male menopause.

Tending to pressure, eating a sound eating regimen with a lot of vegetables and solid fats, directing liquor consumption and including some weight training or resistance exercise can likewise help.

Here in this article, we have jotted down some of the major inhibitors and their benefits in relation to dietary supplements to enhance sexual health, so next time you opt for a supplement.

check out for these:


DHEA is a hormone delivere by the adrenal organs, which your body at that point uses to create sex hormones. Everyday supplements may profit individuals with diminished libido, improved sexual capacity, and limit erectile dysfunction in men.


Fenugreek includes in 1 out of 3 top-selling men’s wellbeing supplements. It might improve sexual excitement and climax, muscle quality, vitality, and prosperity. There was no proof of unfriendly impacts

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-dissolvable nutrient delivery in the skin when presente to daylight. Its dynamic structure works like a steroid hormone in the body. These days, an enormous part of the population has next to no exposure to daylight, bringing about low or insufficient degrees of vitamin D


Zinc also is known as an aphrodisiac. And, it’s a fundamental mineral engage with in excess of 100 synthetic procedures inside the body. Similarly, as with vitamin D, zinc levels inside the body have been intently connected with testosterone levels


L-arginine is the top amino acid in men’s health supplements, including in 1 out of 3 smash hits. It might improve erectile capacity in certain patients and appears to be generally safe. They have been related to a drop in circulatory strain yet without fundamentally changing the pulse

L-arginine is important to note here that the majority of these enhancements will probably just have observable advantages in people with fertility issues or low testosterone levels.

Some additionally seem to profit with these supplements. Who frequently experience huge declines in testosterone because of a prohibitive or stressful routine.

However, implementing a way of life changes can help support sexual performance without medicine.

However, if you are looking for some of the dietary supplements, that can help you boost your sexual performance. And, here are our recommendations: Knight King, Superpower, Jeevan Shakti, Kamagra Oral Jelly, Titanic K2, Titanic Extra Time

Best Sexual Health Blogs of 2019

Best Sexual Health Blogs of 2019

Health is the foremost priority given in everyone’s life. No matter what we earn, to keep ourselves healthy and free from diseases we do spend on our health. Not only the exterior body is preferred and taken care of but interior health is also taken into matter. To be confident and bold enough to face the difficulties from the world one should feel happy and stress-free from inside. Beauty is define by interiority. Once this criterion is fulfille then no one can stop you to chase your dreams and achieve. One such is sexual health which means a lot to people to remain fresh and healthy from within. Being healthy from outside is not a sign of beauty. You should maintain yourself from within. This part of health actually keeps you living normally and to handle situations confidently and allows you to remain stress-free at crucial hours.  

From the recent researches and investigation some of the top-ranking blogs for Sexual Health has been shortlisted below:

Sexual Health Matters:

SHM is a non-profitable organisation comprising of few physicians, physician assistants, doctors, researchers, and nurses. This team explains everything about the pain felt during intercourse as to why sex is actually good and makes you feel better.

Sex with Emily:

Dr. Emily Morse is an expert at the sexual relationship and a doctor of human sexuality. Emily is the creator of this blog Sex with Emily and also the host for her podcast with the same name. Starting from sexual health to enjoying sex in every way and talking of dildos and vibrators, all are cover by her blog. Also, this blog is completely made for the readers to get aware and stay happy with sexual life and relationships.


GLSEN is founded in 1990 by a minute group of teachers in Massachusetts to make a change in the education system where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning (LGBTQ) students don’t get bullied or ragged or discriminate. After 25 years of hard struggles, this small group of highly dedicated teachers turned to a leading national organisation. This organisation now mainly promotes sexual health and policies for LGBTQ communities.


Scarlateen is a blog that started in 1998. This blog shares information regarding sex, sexual health, sexual relationships, and teen-related stuff to attract teen audiences to their blog. A whole lot of important details have been share in their blog. However, if a query or a question is inquire replies are delivere almost instantly. Every relevant topic and information is being share on the blog. We can also share our own part of the story in this diversified blog.


This is specifically a site for black health and wellness, and where stories of different persons is submit. It is a regularly update hotspot.


The International Planned Parenthood Federation is a blog where sexual health rights and policies for all are collecte and presented. This blog is a purely legal site that includes legislation, advocacy and all sorts of legal help and advice that is requires by all.

My Sex Professor:

It’s a photographic, text or a video illustration where the content is all about sex and sexual health and also sexual relationships for both women and men. This will help and make them learn about sexual issues and health and how to take pleasure and enjoy beautiful sex life.

This is a hub create for preventing unwante pregnancies, promotion of sexual and reproductive health. A Colorado and Michigan Effort is use for reducing unintended pregnancies. Also, this hub made ease to normalise in these issues for starting a conversation.

Sex Love Liberation:

Ev’Yan Whitney made this site to foreplay her journey about her own sexual state of being of awakening and self -healing. This was create for women where they can share their sexualities and realise their erotic and ecstatic fantasies without any judgements or disruptions.

The Health Benefits of Sex Products

The Health Benefits of Sex Products

The body shoves it’s frame as soon as our age touches the adolescent age group. The fluctuating hormones, the vibrance of nerves, the arousal of circulations influences your sexual life. The erectile dysfunction , vaginal pain , fading libido may easily worsen by the physiological deficit with increasing age or decreasing strength.

During middle or later life it may hinder the personal life along with threatening the mental status. Along with the pharmacological support, elated communication, elevated confidence, and fragile handling can help you shape your satisfactory sexual life. Evolving medications, medical guidance , fluttering guides have solved numerous problems of sexual life. Along with this here is a list you can check by yourself to have a pleasurable and comfortable lovemaking.

Educate yourself   

Know the love, haunt it’s depth ; learn to love before indulging in love. However, every type of sexual issue can present you with a long list of options to guide you the right way. In this digital world, the internet have made the learning easier. Even if you are shy to discuss with others; browse the incognito along with your partner.

Give yourself time. 

Understand the turns that your body is adjusting with varying age. Give yourself and your partner a calm place to find love in each other. Also, You may need differing thresholds to elicit the desire with elevating age .Work upon it being the one a delicate part of your love life.

Use lubrication. 

Usually as soon as the age touches the perimenopause period ,the vaginal dryness irritates the pleasure while making out. It can be easily managed with lubrication by liquids and gels. Also, these can be used  freely to avoid painful sex. If that too doesn’t work see a doctor to solve your problem. 

Maintain physical affection.

Tired , worried about the problem. Indulge yourself at least in cuddling, kissing getting close to each other don’t let the emotion fade with the physical strand. 

Practice touching.

Sensations being the elite to love making.  The sensate focus techniques that sex therapists use can help you re-establish physical intimacy without feeling pressured. Also, the techniques may be learnt through self help books and videos. From gentle to firm you and your partner can learn to sensate each other.

Quit smoking

Also, Smoking cigarettes can lead to high blood pressure and other heart-related problems that cause erectile issues, quitting smoking often improves sexual function and reduces erectile dysfunction.

Do Kegel exercises. 

Pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened by tightening the muscle by muscle urine in midstream. Hold the contraction for two or three seconds, then release. Repeat 10 times. Try to do five sets a day. Also, these exercises can be done anywhere — while driving, sitting at your desk, or standing in a checkout line. At home, women may use vaginal weights to add muscle resistance. 

Try to relax. 

Relaxing techniques such  as yoga, meditation and progressive relaxation techniques can help you relax and thus have a performance improvement through foreplay and love making.

Tips to improve Sex life

Tips to improve Sex life

Sex is an important part of a human’s life. It’s the way we reproduce, we build a family and that keeps us fulfilled. From the pleasureful orgasms to the responsibilities, it brings upon us everything that relaxes and teaches us a lot. So if sex is so important for us, maintaining a sex life should be equally important as well.

If we talk about the health concerns of sex life, we not only need to discuss physical health, but we also need to talk about emotional health. As we know sex without emotions effects the quality of sex.

Treating sexual problems is now easier than ever before. Many people fail to realize the full potential of their sex life, however satisfied you are with your sexual life there is always a scope for improvement.

By understanding the crucial physical and emotional elements that underlie a satisfying sexual life, you can better navigate to a great sexual.

Here are some tips to improve sex life:

  1. First and the foremost thing is to Educate yourself, browse and read more and more about the problem, if there is any. The Internet has answers to all your questions

If the internet is confusing you, discuss it with your partner and try reaching out to a doctor.

  1. Foreplay is the key, not only it makes the sex more happening, it also keeps the female healthy.  Start slow and create a sense of amusement before penetration. 
  2. Try different sex positions It not only helps you overcome emotional problems but also helps in copulating. Positions that allows you to control the depth of penetration and promotes clitoral stimulation are the best positions.

Stay Calm before starting. Do something relaxing together before having sex, like going out for a walk or having a romantic conversation.

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