Jeevan Shakti Capsule

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Form – 1 strip  (6 capsule each)

Company Name – Tirupati Pharmacy

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Composition – Shushthi 25mg, Marich 25mg,Pipali 25mg, Shatawari 50mg, Vidarikand 50mg, Daruharidra 25mg, Yashtimadhu 25mg, Salam Panja 25mg, Musli Safed 50mg, Konch ka beej 25mg, Talmakhana 25mg, Ashwagandha 25mg, Nagkesar 25mg, Semul Musali 25mg, Jaiphal 25mg, Shudh Shilajit 25mg, Vangbhasm 25mg.
It Enhances Vitality Vigorously. Jeevan Shakti capsule is one of Ayurvedie best production for male health. Sports nutritionists denote it as an Ayurvedie miracle for its incredible stamina boosting properties. It is especially known for enhancing and promoting sexual health as it boosts libido and testosterone levels. These capsules will rejuvenate the tissues and build them strong.
The Jeevan Shakti capsules is great for those who regularly suffer from allergies, as it has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties. For people struggling with consuming alcohol problem, this can be a great purchase as it will help to manage and control the withdrawal symptoms. The anti-oxidant properties of it, on the other hand, will also strengthen immune system and promote cellular respiration.
Key Benefit is to increase stamina, retain Youthful Vigour, act against Sexual debility.
Dosage One capsule four hours before desire or as directed by the physician.


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