Excite Woman (Instant Sex Stimulant Cream For Woman)

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Excite woman is a patented safe, clear viscous compound that contains ingredients which help promote clitoral sensitivity. It is a natural, topical cream without any requirement of prescription, developed on the basis of the Nitric Oxide Pathway, a discovery that won the 1998 Nobel Medicine and physiology prize.

Directions For Use:-

Tear off the top of the Excite Woman pack and dispense a small amount onto the fingertip.

Excite woman contains menthol that will have a cool feel and create a warm and tingling sensation to the clitoris. It is recommended that you initially apply a small amount of Excite woman, adding more as needed.

3. Apply Excite Woman directly to the clitoral area making certain to work Excite Woman into the tissue on the underside of the clitoris.

Touching and rubbing in and around this area with the Excite Woman will cause the blood vessels to dilate and fill with blood. The warm tingling sensation will intensify resulting in enhances orgasmic response.

Volume- 20ml.


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